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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
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            High power charging pile liquid cooled cable

            • 28型超急速充電パイル用デイリースタンダード液冷ケーブル+液冷充電ガン


            • Product Code:2021110604
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            • Product description: 28型超急速充電パイル用デイリースタンダード液冷ケーブル+液冷充電ガン
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                The "500A-800A liquid-cooled charging gun + 28-type liquid-cooled cable + liquid-cooled source" product developed and produced by Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co., Ltd. has the salient feature: the outer diameter of the integrated cable is only 28mm, which is light and soft; It can safely carry the charging current between 500A-800A and continue to charge without overheating.

                The product "500A-800A liquid-cooled charging gun + 28-type liquid-cooled cable + liquid-cooled source" developed and produced by Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co., Ltd., of which the 28-type liquid-cooled cable is an integrated cable, and the insulation Seventeen wires: one DC+/DC- liquid-cooled cable; one PE ground wire, and the rest are signal wires. The DC+/DC- liquid-cooled cable inside has a connector on one end that is the conductive terminal of a DC charging gun, and the other end has two electrodes, DC+/DC-, on which a coolant interface is set. Type 28 liquid-cooled cable: 28 means that the outer diameter of the liquid-cooled integrated cable is 28mm, and the cross-section of the soft wire is 28mm2.

                Cooling method: The ZQ liquid cooling source pushes the coolant into the DC+ cable of the 28-type liquid-cooled cable, passes through the soft wire to the DC+ conductive terminal of the national standard charging gun, and cools the DC+ soft wire and the conductive terminal; then the flowing coolant enters The DC-conducting terminal returns to the DC-cable and passes through the soft wire; the flowing coolant takes the heat generated by charging and returns to the cooling unit of the ZQ liquid cooling source to dissipate heat and return to the power pump, which pushes the coolant continuously Circulating flow between the conductive terminal of the charging gun, the cable soft wire and the liquid cooling source for cold and heat exchange, solving the problem of high temperature heating in the existing charging technology.