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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
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            Water cooled cable for single crystal furnace

            • Water cooled cable for single crystal furnace
            Water cooled cable for single crystal furnace

            Water cooled cable for single crystal furnace

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            1, electrode (also known as cable head) is no contact, no solder, no weld, with the whole copper bar in the CNC lathe, CNC milling machine

            The surface is treated with tin plating and rust prevention, beautiful and durable. Many varieties, complete specifications, its structure: non-contact type, water

            Cooling type, rotating type three structures.

            (1) Characteristics of rotating electrode: The Angle can be adjusted at will during field installation, which can reduce the distortion stress of water-cooled cable and connect with the equipment

            After finishing and tin-plating, the conductive surface is smooth and smooth to ensure good electrical contact performance.

            (2) contactless electrode, with the whole copper bar in CNC lathe and milling machine from processing, no welding spot, no welding seam. Tin coated surface

            Beautiful, durable, low resistance.

            Water-cooled electrode is a patented product of Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co., LTD. (patent No. : ZL 2012 0397940.X), which is characterized by that cooling water can directly cool the conductive plane of the electrode.

            2, the inlet and outlet water nozzle structure features: it is a loose wire connecting structure with sealing ring, easy to replace. The nozzle structure of inlet and outlet is 90° curved nozzle, which can rotate 360°. There are two kinds of inlet and outlet nozzle structures: vertical type and 90-degree bend type. Screw, lock nut and sealing ring structure are used to connect the nozzle with the electrode. In particular, the 90-degree bend nozzle can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 360 degrees, effectively ensuring that the inlet and outlet pipe of water-cooled cable will not be twisted and smooth.

            3, soft wire: TU1 material, wire diameter 0.25mm tin copper strand. Soft, small bending radius, not easy to break. Tin-plated copper strand has good corrosion resistance and can improve the service life of water-cooled cable. Because the wire of water-cooled cable is immersed in water for a long time, the working environment is harsh. If the bare copper wire is not tin plated, when the water-cooled cable is used for a period of time, open the cable coat, you will see a layer of green copper rust on the surface of the wire. Use tin-plated copper strand as soft wire for water-cooled cable, because the copper strand is protected by tin-plated layer, corrosion can be prevented.

            4. The connection between the electrode and the flexible wire should be compressed and tightened with special equipment, and then filled with tin, with good contact and small resistance.

            5. Outer sheath insulation tube, carbon-free rubber tube, high natural rubber content, soft, long service life, working pressure resistance of 0.6mpa, working voltage of 6000V.

            6. The sealing between the electrode and the outer sheath insulation tube is fastened, and the clamp is non-magnetic. The sealing effect is better by squeezing and fastening with special equipment.