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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
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            Silicon carbide induction coil

            • Silicon carbide induction coil
            Silicon carbide induction coil

            Silicon carbide induction coil

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            According to the user's design requirements, the induction coil for silicon carbide furnace adopts circular copper tube and rectangular copper tube, and is made by special mold, which can ensure the shape and size accuracy of turn distance and inner diameter, and the concentricity can be controlled within 0.3mm;

            Fixed bracket: epoxy, mica and ceramic materials are available for users to choose, which can meet the design requirements of different users.

            Induction ring insulation treatment: there are three ways: 1 ptFE spray; (2) Ceramic treatment; The insulation tape is wound. The winding structure of the insulation belt is a three-layer structure: a. Teflon insulation layer; B. Mica insulating layer; C. Glass ribbon insulation.

            The above three insulation treatments can meet the design and use requirements of different users.