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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
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            Ingot furnace copper electrode

            • Ingot furnace copper electrode
            Ingot furnace copper electrode

            Ingot furnace copper electrode

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            The raw materials of the copper electrode in the ingot furnace are all gb TU1 oxygen-free copper, and the electrode rod and flange are integrated structure, not welded structure. The central cooling water hole is drilled once. The blank is extruded by special tooling and the material density is high.

            Main supporting manufacturers:

            1.Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

            2.Dalian Liancheng CNC machine Co. LTD

            3. Tiantong Jicheng Machine Technology Co., LTD

            4.Xi 'an Chuanglian New Energy Equipment Co. LTD

            5.Nanjing Jingsheng Energy Equipment Co., LTD

            6.Pictures of Zhejiang Jingyang Electromechanical Co. LTD

            7. Press Gexin Silicon Technology Development Co., LTD

            ⒏ sichuan yingjie electric co., LTD

            ⒐ xinjiang crystal secco energy co., LTD