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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
            Language: Chinese  English


            Professional research and innovation | Honors awarded by Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co., Ltd.

                  Since its establishment, Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery has consistently focused on its own product quality, product structure upgrade and new product research and development. In the market competition of the big waves, Zhengqi has always maintained its internal strength, increased investment in research and development, and strengthened product innovation. We insist on leading development with innovation and promoting the company's industrial upgrading with innovation. Over the past 15 years, the awards for innovation are as follows:

            2011               the single crystal furnace water-cooled cable project won the "Technology Innovation Fund for Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprises" by the Ministry of Science and Technology

            2018-2022       Approved as a national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise

            2019               Approved as Luoyang R&D Center

            2021 Approved as a national high-tech enterprise in

            2021               Approved as "Henan Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise"

            2022                Approved as a "specialized, refined and new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Luoyang City

            CONTACT US

            Contact: ChongQing Zang

            Phone: 13938896088

            Tel: (0379) 62267825

            Email: zhengqijixie@126.com

            Add: Shuikou Village North, Yongshan Town, Laocheng District, Luoyang City