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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
            Language: Chinese  English

            Company new

            Liquid-cooled charging gun + liquid-cooled cable + liquid-cooled source for super fast charging piles are put into operation

            On August 30th, GAC Aeon officially announced the A480 "Super Fast Charging Pile". The entire pile body of the charging pile adopts liquid cooling cooling technology, which can effectively control the temperature of the pile body under high current. The peak voltage can reach 1000V, the maximum With a charging current of 558A, Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co., Ltd., as the manufacturer of the A480 charging pile supporting product "liquid-cooled charging gun + liquid-cooled cable + liquid-cooled source" is fortunate to participate in this press conference。

            As a company with water-cooled cables as its leading product, in 2017, Zhengqi, with the help of carbon-neutral Dongfeng, set foot in the new energy industry with its own solid liquid cooling technology and rich liquid cooling experience, and developed super fast charging with Zhengqi characteristics. The pile uses "liquid-cooled charging gun + liquid-cooled cable + liquid-cooled source".

            In order to provide the ultimate charging experience for new energy vehicle owners, Zhengqi has conducted process design demonstrations in a large number of materials and tests in the past 4 years. "In the process of countless trial and error, the liquid-cooled cable has a diameter from 39mm to 35mm to the current lightweight 28mm under the premise that the charging current remains unchanged at 600A. From the bulky first generation to the small and exquisite third generation; the time to fill a car has been shortened from the earliest 20 minutes to the current charging 5 minutes and the battery life exceeds 200 kilometers. During the period, he obtained 5 national invention patents, 52 utility model patents, and 5 PCT patents.

            From scratch, it is a process of challenging the unknown. Zhengqi upholds the concept of "gun, wire, and liquid cooling source". With ingenuity, it continuously breaks through itself and makes breakthroughs in innovation, which has been recognized by its partners.
            From technology research to technology commercialization, Zhengqi's R&D team does not rely on any capital and organization to be completely independent. Its "independent walking ability" makes the mass production and cost of the product double controllable.
            We sincerely welcome the cooperation of friends from pile enterprises!

            CONTACT US

            Contact: ChongQing Zang

            Phone: 13938896088

            Tel: (0379) 62267825

            Email: zhengqijixie@126.com

            Add: Shuikou Village North, Yongshan Town, Laocheng District, Luoyang City