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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
            Language: Chinese  English

            Business Announcement

            Regarding the product contraband word, limit word, sensitive word invalidation declaration

            Regarding the product banned word, limit word, sensitive word invalidation statement

            1, 2019, the National People's Congress standing issued "the advertisement law of the People's Republic of China" (revised in 2018) the implementation of the banned word, the word limit, sensitive word use, from now on, all products of our company image, title, packaging, product introduction and detail pages and sites involved elsewhere to such words, all in this statement immediately void, not as the basis of commodity description and company introduction.

            2. We will try our best to avoid the use of prohibited words, extreme words and sensitive words. If such words are used in product pictures, titles, packages, product descriptions, details pages and other places on the website, we hereby declare that all such words are immediately invalid.Any customer browsing the website or placing an order to purchase our products shall be deemed as a default statement and shall not be used as a basis for product description and company introduction.

            3. Due to the early establishment of our company, the company's product posts are many, copy will inevitably involve the new advertising law of prohibited words, extreme words, sensitive words, if the product picture, title, packaging, product introduction and other parts of the information page and website related to such words, in this statement all immediately invalid.For the prohibited words, extreme words, sensitive words involved, we will check and change one by one as soon as possible, hope each regulatory department and each peer give certain time to change, if there is any doubt, please timely contact us to change, delete or explain, thank you for understanding and cooperation, the company here to express our gratitude!


            CONTACT US

            Contact: ChongQing Zang

            Phone: 13938896088

            Tel: (0379) 62267825

            Email: zhengqijixie@126.com

            Add: Shuikou Village North, Yongshan Town, Laocheng District, Luoyang City