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            Welcome: Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co.,Ltd
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            Hydraulic Cooled Cables for High Power Charging Piles

            European standard Specification of liquid-cooled charging gun


            The European standard liquid-cooled charging gun with specialized water cooled cable produced by Luoyang zhengqi machinery co., LTD are different from the product on the  international market. The most striking feature is that: The DC+ and DC- jack liquid cooling terminals of the charging gun can be completely cooled, that is, the coolant can form a circulation loop in the DC+ and dc-jack liquid cooling terminals of the charging gun, so that the DC+ and DC- jack terminals can be well cooled in the charging process, carrying a large current without overheating.This is a patented product of Luoyang zhengqi machinery co., LTD.

            Electric vehicle (EV) industry charging status

            Electric vehicles(EV) because of its no emissions, no pollution, environmental protection, so it become the future development trend . At present, there are two key factors restricting the development of EV: One is short battery range; The second is the charging time.

            With the development of power batteries and continuous breakthroughs in technology, many electric car can reach the 400km range. But the problem of long charging times has not been solved. Now the quick charging has been the first concern of car companies and users.

            The European standard IEC 62196-3 DC charging gun is completely different from the chinese standard gb20234.3-2015. Chinese standard: DC + and DC - DC charging gun terminals is protruding joint;And European standard: DC +, DC - DC charging gun terminal is the recessed joint, namely conductive jack.

            At present, all the world are developing about the quick charging, their ideas and methods are same: increase the charging pile voltage and increase the current output from charging pile.With the progress of EV battery technology, the charging pile voltage should be increased as much as possible, and also current output from charging pile.Some charging piles voltage has been raised to 1000 volts;The current output capacity of charging pile is up to 600A.There are no technical problems in the design and production of high-power charging pile.What urgently needs to be solved is the cable connection from the high-power charging pile to the charging gun.

            The European standard DC charging gun dry cable have two sizes :(1) Inside 35 square mm of soft wire, carrying current 125A. (2) Inside with 50 square mm of soft wire, carrying current 160A.The soft wire for this kind cable can only carry 125A--160A;Because the dry cable soft conductor cannot be dissipated well the heat generated during the charging process, it cannot carry the charging current of 300a-600a.Otherwise, the temperature will be too high, the light cause the charging pile control system high temperature alarm and can not work;Serious causes fire and accidents.

            With the increase export of Chinese electric vehicles, the charging ports of vehicles exported to Europe need to meet European charging standards, and rapid charging is the development trend.Therefore, it is necessary to solve the European standard dc charging gun cables. If it carried charging current of 300a-600a and increase the section of the software wire, it is feasible in theory but not in practice.The outer diameter of the cable should not only conform to human engineering, but also be able to work safely and reliably for a long time.Because increase the section of the soft wire will also increase the volume of the cable, it can not in accordance with human engineering.In addition, the software wire and the European standard dc charging gun jack terminal, because of the outside diameter size different it will make hard to connect them.

            Liquid cooling is an optimal solution

            European standard DC + and DC - cables for DC charging gun can be made into liquid cooled cables.The circulating coolant put into the soft wire of the cable and the European standard dc charging gun jack type liquid cooling terminal.The heat generated by the software conductor and the jack type liquid cooling terminal during the charging process is taken away by the circulating coolant.This can greatly increase the carrying current of the software conductor, jack - type liquid - cooled terminal.The volume of cable is not larger than that of dry cable, which can not only meet the requirements of human engineering but also meet the use requirements.

            Eourpean standard IEC 62196-3 liquid cooled cable for DC charging gun is an integrated cable with nine conductors:There is one DC + and dc-liquid cooled cables each.One PE ground wire;The other six are signal lines.The connector at one end is the European standard DC charging gun jack type liquid cooling terminal. The structure of DC + and DC - two jack type liquid cooling terminals is exactly the same.The connection at the other end of DC+ and DC-liquid cooling cable is an electrode. The structure of DC+ and DC-two electrodes is exactly the same.The inlet and outlet of coolant are arranged on each electrode of DC+ and dc-liquid cooling electrodes, DC+ and DC- two electrodes are connected to the output end of the charging pile power supply.


            The coolant uses 45# transformer oil, which will not freeze at minus 45℃, its ignition point is 146℃, 45# transformer oil has good insulation and heat conduction effect.The coolant enters the liquid cooling cable through the inlet of the electrode and goes directly to the jack ends of the DC + and Dc- jack terminals of the European standard DC charging gun for cooling.The flowing coolant passes through the DC + and Dc- jack terminals of the European standard DC charging gun and returns to the software wire to take away the heat of the software wire. The flowing coolant passes through the coolant outlet of the electrode and returns to the cooling system for recycling after cooling.The coolant circulating in the DC+ and Dc- liquid cooling cables can be used for good heat dissipation and cooling of the cable's soft conductor and the jack type liquid cooling terminal of the charging gun, so that it can carry 300a-600a charging current and work safely and reliably for a long time.

            European standard IEC 62196-3 cold charging gun

            There are two parts: (1) the gun body adopts IEC 62196-3 standard dc charging gun;(2) The liquid cooling cable uses the Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co., LTD. 's patented product "a European standard liquid cooling cable for DC charging gun".

            Liquid cooled charging gun system

            Based on European standard IEC 62196-3, the DC DC +, DC - jack charging gun cools terminal, DC +, DC - liquid-cooled terminal connection cable socket type, both can do liquid cooling, make its ability increase sharply to carry charging current surge, can make the charging current up to 600A, and solve the problem of existing charging technology in high temperature heating.It can effectively shorten the charging time and contribute to the rapid development of electric vehicles.

            2. European standard liquid cooled charging system

            2.1 European standard liquid cooled charging system composition

            The high-power liquid-cooled charging system composition is shown in the following table:


            Based on IEC 62196-3 standard liquid cooled charging system

            European standard Liquid cooled DC charging gun

            In accordance with IEC 62196-3

            Liquid cooled cable

            Matched with IEC 62196-3 charging gun

            Liquid cooled source

            Oil pump

            Fuel tank

            Heat sink

            Liquid coolant

            45#Transformer oil will not freeze at minus 45

            2.2 European standard liquid cooled charging gun、liquid cooled cable performance index

            Serial number

            Performance index

            Parameter values


            Electrical specifications


            Rated voltage

            1000V DC


            Rated current

            300A -- 600A


            Rated power



            Withstand voltage

            3000V AC Between the power hole position and the signal hole position

            500V AC Between 500V AC signal hole


            Insulation resistance

            300MΩ 500V DC


            Mechanical properties


            Mechanical life



            Environmental performance


            The ambient temperature

            Contact≤90℃actual test≤55℃

            holding position≤50℃


            Protection level



            Liquid cooled cable


            Maximum length



            Cable outer diameter



            Power line specification



            Cooling circuit



            45# transformer oil(no icing at minus 45℃)


            Inlet pipe outer diameter/inner diameter



            Outlet pipe outer diameter/inner diameter



            Connect terminal with charging pile

            Special liquid cooling terminal


            Cooling circuit

            Each special liquid cooling terminal is equipped with a liquid inlet pipe and a liquid outlet pipe.DC+, DC- constitute a separate circuit, do not interfere with each other


            Liquid cooling source


            Rated voltage

            220V AC


            Rated power



            Working pressure



            Rate of flow



            Cooling fan power







            Coolant working pressure monitoring, coolant flow monitoring, coolant temperature monitoring;Low pressure alarm, overpressure alarm, cut-off alarm, coolant temperature too high alarm




            Disclaimer: European standard liquid cooled charging system is in continuous development, updated status, all products in kind prevail.

            3. European standard liquid cooled charging gun wiring harness appearance

            3.1 Appearance

            3.2 Composition

            The high-power liquid-cooled charging cable assembly is composed of the following parts:

            Liquid cooled charging gun

            Liquid cooled charging gun connector based on IEC 6219-3 connector.

            Liquid cooled cable

            The liquid-cooled cable is fitted with IEC 62196-3 interface liquid-cooled charging gun.IEC 62196-3 charging gun DC+ jack terminals and Dc-jack terminals are liquid-cooled jack terminals. Each jack terminal can form a coolant inlet and outlet circuit.IEC 62196-3 charging gun DC+ jack terminal is also the DC+, DC- connector at one end of the liquid-cooled cable.


            The DC+ and DC- electrodes in the figure above can form the coolant inlet and outlet circuits, and the electrodes are connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the charging pile power supply.The inlet and outlet pipes are connected with the liquid cooling source.

            4. Connection relationship

            The wiring relationship inside the charging gun is shown in the following figure:

            Rc=1500Ω     The temperature sensor isPT1000

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